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MKL Meeting & Tour Management has been serving their guests since 1989. Our start up was in response to a request from the University of Cincinnati's Institute of Learning in Retirement to create a travel program as one of the programs for their +55 year old student body. Their criteria was simple--'let us learn something on every trip'! We are proud to say that remains one of our goals today, and UC remains one of our best sources for new and continuing travelers.

We remain a small, exclusive travel club with our guest list developed through marketing of our travel program by our friends at the University of Cincinnati ILR, St. Elizabeth and Mercy Hospitals, Sharefax Credit Union, Immaculate Heart of Mary and most recently St. Columban PrimeTimers and North Salem State Bank. We do not advertise to the general public, but welcome all who enjoy traveling, both via luxurious motorcoaches around their home area, across the country, and around the world.

Our mission remains to provide uniquely planned, deluxe tours for a select clientelle, and always delivering more than expected. Our tour guides are committed to doing whatever is in their means to accommplish to assure our guests have a great time in traveling. Afterall it's their referrals and repeat business that have kept us going all these years.

We employ only the best tour guides and coach drivers, with a combination of experience suited to making your time with us some of the best travel experience you can remember. Kay, Linda, Tony, Mary and Ron all await your call! There is no time to travel like today.

  Partners in travel with MKL Tours: OSHER; Mercy Hospitals; St. Elizabeth PrimeWise; Immaculate Heart of Mary Cary's Clan; Forest Hills Education Hired Staff; and Sharefax Credit Unio; Forest Hills Edu. Retired Staff; Mt. Moriah Methodist Church; St. Rose; St. John Fisher